Imagine – Design & Color

ContrastThe use of contrast in this design helps define the impact of the image by separating items from each other. The contrast also gives the image a sense of depth(3D) that draws the eye into the content.


RepetitionI have placed red dots on areas of repetition. The repetition of the lines attracts the eyes and leads them through the entire image. As this repetition is applied you also see it in the pyramids. The background has a repetition of squares that compliments the foreground, all of which keeps you very active in the image; making it difficult to visually leave the image.


Prox-AlignThis example shows both proximity(yellow) and alignment(red) within the design. A majority of this image is very geometric with the alignment of the gridlines and the color strips in the background. The intent of the alignment is to add strength and a feeling of power to the image, this is accomplished through alignment. Proximity is demonstrated as seen by the grouping of the rocks in the foreground and background. Proximity is also see by the grouping of the color strips in the background, pyramids are also follow proximity.  I like these two areas the most because they are not scattered all over the design making it look unorganized and cluttered


ColorThe use of Split Complement Triads is very affective and compliments the use of contrast in the design. It is a powerful visual that draws you into the image, but I don’t feel like it over powers the entire image in such a way that you focus only on the colors. With the other elements you still have the visual freedom needed to see the entire design.


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