Typography – Simple yet Powerful



The example I have shared comes from a resource called designshack.net, this is a helpful website giving a large variety of examples using typography, “Typography is all about delivering art and information in a beautiful medium. Designing typographic posters is no easy task, and arranging and modifying each individual component is a skilled task. Not only that, special care has to be taken when it comes to the legibility and aesthetics of the fonts being used in the poster, choosing type that works well together, and conveys the right impression.’’



The first font used is in the category of “San Serif’’, this is easy to identify because the letters are plan and simple looking. This font is known as monoweight because there is no visible thick or thin transition in the strokes creating the letters.

The second font is know as “Script’’ because it looks more like it was handwritten with a calligraphy pen.  In our book for this class it reads “Scripts are like cheesecake—they should be used sparingly so nobody gets sick.’’  Script is used very sparingly and also creates visual contrast not only with the type of font but also the size difference.


Although this add is very simple it has a lot of benefits using design and typography principles. I believe this is one of the few examples of centering the text that actually works.  With the large and bold San Serif font it draws you into the ad, you then look around it and see further information that is in contrast with the background.



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