The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Brighter & Brighter





The source of inspiration

As I was reading the original article (link listed above first page) I thought about some photos I had taken that visually have an impact on me in a positive way. My desire is to create a warm positive feeling for those who my be struggling in life, so they know there is hope. As I continued to read I began thinking about how I could attribute the images to the article. The more I gave it thought, the more I was inspired to create a layout that would enhance the text of the article.

Inspired Results

With the content of the article and the inspired images, I chose to stay with a color scheme of warm colors as I felt it complimented the textual content. I chose to keep the fonts in a simple manner as I wanted more emphasis to come out through the photos. The contrast on the first page catches your attention. I feel like it pulls you into the article with the visual impact of the bright sky behind the word “Brighter” and then your brought into the white contrasting text with a desire to read.

I chose to center the image on page two as  compliment to the sun shining through the trees because it give the page and image a feeling of depth. Also as you read this page, each of the headings contain the word “light”, while reading you are switching between the text and the image, creating a visual and intellectual connection.


Visual Content


Original photo by Ken OcklerMQ2Q8663

Original photo by Ken OcklerLightOfChrist3



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