Iconic Icons :)

Welcome to a world of Icons!

We live in a fast paced world of desires and technology. When we want something, we want it as fast as we can possibly obtain it. Todays technology is one of the key factors in this new faced paced world we live in.  When we open a magazine, walk into a store or drive down a road or through a city, it is the simple Icons that catch our attention and immediately point out whats associated with it. This requires little effort on our part, but draws us into what we’re looking for.

In an effort to assist my friend with his new restaurant I thought it would be good to create simple icons for the children’s section of his menu. With simple icons that represent the different types of food, children will immediately know what they’re looking for so they can eat!  I chose simple icons so they weren’t confusing to the children by avoiding complicated design.


Simplicity Sells

By keeping things simple you can identify what you’re looking for with faster results.  The below example simply tells you where the drinks are or the dessert. We all know it’s better to eat dessert first.



X-Marks the Spot

Imagine yourself looking for a treasure and you have been searching for days upon days.  Finally you notice a symbol (aka icon) indicating where that treasure is hidden.  You arrive at a restaurant with your young child who is super hungry, they have a treasure in mind and want to find it fast.  They identify where the food is by the markings of a simple icon, at this point they then see the options.


Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple is really quite simple. Applying simple design principles can be very affective in visual media. These icon were chosen because they are simple and resemble something a child would see in a comic book or a coloring book. With the contrast of each image they stand out more than a simple photograph of a drink or a burger. Looking through a menu your eye will identify areas of interest due to how unique the icons are that have been included in the menu.


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