What we see is what we buy

Quality Matters

Many of us have heard the term “Impulse buying”, meaning we see something appealing, we grab, purchase it and were happy.  This is accomplished through planned layout for and design of the products or the Ad that represents/showcases the product.

In my current project I want to emphasize the reason I use Epson printers as my primary product for printing and selling my photographs, and why I believe the layout will capture those with my same passion for the outdoors. People who like going on adventures in the outdoors have a passion for wanting to record their adventures, and often want their memories to last a long time. Epson printers offer the quality we want to preserve our memories.

Image provided by Epson

Why I Chose My Design

When reviewing my photos the most important aspect of a photo taken during an outdoor adventures, is having the feeling that your there again.  I chose to include the image of the printer in the photo to give the feeling that the printer can print anything from anywhere. I want to create a feeling of reality so I chose to have the printer appear that it’s printing the same environment in which it’s located.  Having the image merge into the background image gives you the impression that it’s creating the background or the background is creating the image.

TV Ad – 1920px by 1080px
Web/Blog Ad – 300px by 250px

Keep it Simple

After trying several different text fonts I decided it was best to keep it simple. The emphasis of the layout is the images. I chose simple text that would have clarity and be easy to read. I chose to align the information text above and below the smaller images to enhance the fact that these belong as a group. Using the principle of alignment also helps lead the eye from left to right, then down through the small images to the web information about the printer.

The Reality of Quality

When designing an ad to promote a product you must consider how it visually impacts the consumer. It should draw them in and create a desire to learn more about the product with the final results being a desire to buy the product. If you can make them feel included, then they will include themselves.








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